Why & How to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Party


hire a professional DJ for your child's partyWhy hire a professional DJ

Many people that do not know us usually ask as their first question: “What do you charge?”
And if you are like most people, as we all know, cheaper is not always better.

How ironic that people will spend upwards of $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 and much much more for a party,
then look for an entertainer and only want to pay $100.00

The key to your party is not only the music, but the entertainment and making sure everyone is having a great time.

If I told you I could get you a haircut for $1.00 would you be apprehensive……of course you would
If I told you I could get you a DJ for $5.00 would you be apprehensive…….of course you would.

the benefits of a professional DJ is entertainment

There are all sorts of reasons of why you would hire a professional DJ for your party, but here are some of the top reasons to consider.

Professional experience

When you go with a professional, you’re going with a professional across the board.  This includes everything from educational background, being good on a microphone, to the experience in throwing all sorts of successful parties.  A professional DJ will be able to gauge the mood of the room and play the right kind of music to keep everything moving along smoothly, coordinate with the venue for smooth transitions, watch to see that the music isn’t blaringly loud. And, with Jonathan Productions, we don’t just play music and engage with you and your guests, but we create a total show stopping experience with fun for all guests – young as well as mature.

Access to all sorts of show-stopping equipment

A DJ with professional experience comes with his or her own kit of top of the line equipment, plus a back up system for good measure.  Attention to small details that you never would have thought about (or noticed!).  You know a show is good when you’re simply awestruck by the final effect.  We don’t just play music anymore – there is up-lighting, red carpet scenes, laser light shows, confetti blasters, live performers, percussionists, night club effects, photo booths and much more are also there for your convenience. Whatever you need for your party to tickle your fancy and just have a blast, that’s what you’ll get with a professional.

Peace of mind throughout the entire eventGetting the guests engaged and involved at a party

Perhaps most importantly, hiring a professional DJ means you are not going to have to worry about the mood, the flow, what to do next, getting folks on the dance floor or if everyone is having a good time.  An entertainer like Jonathan Productions will take care of the atmosphere, leaving you more time and emotional freedom to, well, enjoy it, as that is the ultimate goal.  You already have a million things to worry about, you’ll find this a huge helping hand as well. You tell us what you want, we will provide it, simple as that.

How to hire a professional DJ

Now that you’re ready to put a true professional to work for you, you will want to make sure that you are hiring a true professional.  When you are on the hunt, make sure you check into details such as the DJ’s background.  This includes music education, past experience in types of parties similar to the one that you are throwing, and reviews from past customers.  This will show you that you are, in fact, hiring a professional DJ and successful entertainer for your event, be it a wedding, mitzvah, sweet sixteen, a children’s party or even something like a birthday party, block party, pool party or whatever.

While a DJ may not make or break your party, having a good one surely can take off the stress of doing some of the work off your shoulders.  Since you always want your party to be a success — by whatever definition you choose to be the most relevant — the music and the professional in charge of it, are always going to be the determining factors to getting it right.  So choose right from the very beginning by going with a professional, a true entertainer like Jonathan Productions. Contact us today and let’s talk party!

Hire a professional DJ for your adult or child's party

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