The Value of Your DJ – What You Are Getting


a true entertainer can engage the whole partyDJs are a dedicated group of people… and good ones aren’t only DJs but actual entertainers!  This is something that you know if you’ve ever thrown a party and then had someone come up to you and say “That was AWESOME”.  A good DJ is intended to blend into the background and be invisible to everyone while simultaneously ensuring everyone is having a good time.  When no one notices the DJ, it means it’s going according to schedule.

But it also means that people don’t always appreciate the actual cost of a DJ.  The shocked host or party planner may say things like: “You just play music, why can’t you do it for $100 a night?” or “Do you think you can do it cheaper?”.  But, have you ever thought about what the actual costs are for a DJ?

Your DJ’s costs – Shows Their Value

An average DJ set up costs about $5,000.  A backup system can cost around $2,000.  Each speaker you see in a set up costs around $800 for one with decent quality.  Then, a good light show costs $3,000, at minimum.  Insurance for equipment and liability costs approximately $1,200 a year these days.  Then there’s the vehicle required to load, lug and deliver all of that equipment.

In order to plan for the party, we need to have access to one or more subscriptions of music to keep ourselves updated on trends.  This can cost around $500 a year.  Within the short span of a couple of years, we will often have to replace and update our equipment just to keep up to date with what people want and need in a professional experience.

All of these costs, plus the hours of time and labor it takes to design sort a playlist, load the equipment, unload and set up the equipment, run the party, and then re-load it all again, are out of pocket.  These, much like the DJ him/herself are all invisible to the party attendees and even a lot of the party planners out there.

What are you getting = Your Value

When you see the amount that your DJ charges, it would take you aback, especially since those prices up above are invisible.  But, just think about what you’re getting, instead, and you’ll see that a price is just a number.


You are getting a professionally trained, experienced, dedicated DJ that is going to help you out with everything from lights to sound to the atmosphere to photo booths to laser shows.  These are all tools in his tool belt.  You are getting ALL of the necessary equipment, the vehicle and labor to move it, the know-how in setting it up, checking it, troubleshooting anything and everything (because there’s always something), running it, tearing it down and re-loading it.  It’s all covered by one single person that is asking for one check. Let’s not forget the most important thing – that you and your guests are having a blast and it’s all done seamlessly without any extra labor or worry on your part!

You also often have the option of paying by event instead of paying by hour.  A lot of DJs will be able to quote you both ways and you can use that to help you save some cash while also making sure that you are getting the quality that your event deserves.  Sure, you may find cheaper price tags out there when it comes to the rates and fees, but cheaper is not always better.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  This is your child’s only 7th birthday party, your daughter’s sweet 16, your wedding, etc.. you want to be sure it goes on without a hitch, so be sure you hire the right DJ!

Can you take a DIY approach with an aux cord and a music lover with an iPod?  Absolutely, but it won’t give you the professionalism that you deserve.  And, who wants to bother with all that when you are passing the food, getting on the dance floor and ‘getting down’ or chatting with your guests.. your job should be to have fun and not worry about what song is next, if you should put the first dance next or the cake cutting, what games to play with the kids, and how to get all these folks on the dance floor.  When it comes to the event and making sure it goes as planned with the least amount of hassle, DJs are your (hidden) knights in shining armor.

So, get off the dance floor, ONLY to contact Jonathan Productions DJs and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

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