The Master of Lists for Your Party Planning


plan ahead with lists to be sure your party goes as plannedYou’ve got a special occasion that you want to celebrate and now you need to plan the party of all parties to make it a reality.  That’s great!  But, how do you go about doing that?  The answer is going to be stunningly simple: make a list, or several.  When you have a list — the right list, that is — you’ll be able to take on the large and complex challenge of party planning the right way.  When you need help in creating that, here are some details that you are going to want to make a priority.

Master List of your Party Planning

The list of invitees and RSVPs

Take the proper time to plan out the list of invitees.  It’s best to start with the VIPs from the perspective of the guest of honor, of course, and work your way back.  You’ll also want to focus on keeping track of the RSVPs too to make sure that you have as accurate an idea of who’s coming and who’s not. Consider how you can track that information like another list, an evite system or tool that tracks that for you, or RSVP cards, etc.

To theme or not to theme?be sure you have a theme for your party

Have you decided to go with a certain theme?  If so, that will need to have a separate list (a hierarchy of lists, if you will) complete with all of the theme details that you are going to want to factor in.  Make sure that you loop in your DJ into the theme so that the music can be matched to the vibe that you’re going for. Party stores or Pinterest is usually a great place to research out themes for your child’s birthday party, sweet 16, wedding and the like.

Party supplies from tiny to large

Next on your master list should be the supplies.  Make sure you have everything on there from party favors to forks to tablecloths.  Take the time to do this step carefully so that nothing gets left in the dust!  When in doubt, ask for support from those that you trust to help you plan the party.  Two heads often work better than one.  Once this part of your list is done, figure out what is being purchased or rented to make it work as seamlessly as possible. Keep in mind that where you have your party can make a difference. Some event venues include some decor, the table cloths, etc into their cost. Some venues may allow for more decoration (like a house party) and etc. The point, some places you will have more or less flexibility.

Schedule for days leading up to the party

The days before the party are going to be frantic if you don’t have a schedule or list on what needs to be done.  So, schedule them based on the chain of events.  making sure everything goes as planned for your weddingThis should include delivery, set-up, last-minute meetings with caterers and the ever so necessary entertainer and/or DJ, etc.  Plan out every minute if you have to! Enlist your friends and family to take part and assign then tasks to do to lighten your load. Use your phone to set reminders or actually schedule the things you need to do. This way you are less likely to forget something super important – like picking up the cake for the wedding, or the like.

Day-of the party checklist

The same goes for making sure that everything is going to plan according to the day of the event.  Do guests need transport?  Is someone at the party venue to let in your DJ, caterers and other entertainment?  Is the guest of honor on their way?  Are you prepared for unexpected guests?    All of these details will help make the day run smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

Post party & clean up list

After the big party, comes the clean-up. It’s never fun, but needs to be done regardless of whether you rented a hall and walked away from the mess or have a house to clean up, there are things to be done after the party. Do you have a plan for who’s helping you clean up?  Is your rented equipment set to go back?  Did everyone get their checks?  Are you having a present opening party?  When are you sending out the thank you notes?  You get the idea.

Planning a party can feel like a lot of work, but when you have the right list(s) to help you make the most out of it, you won’t even notice the stress.  Preparing really can make all of the difference!

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