Party Planning Basics for your Next Party


There is so much fun to be had with planning a party.  After all, parties are always celebrations in some form and are great ways to make memories with loved ones and friends.  However, there is also quite a lot of preparation that has to go into the actual party planning process, which is where a lot of the stress comes into effect.  Here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind when getting your next party ready to go.

An approved guest list

The first thing to focus on is making sure that you have the right guest list together.  This guest list should be created and approved by the guest of honor (ie: the person you’re throwing the party for).   You should also take the time to make sure that the most important people on the party list (the VIP, if you will) are going to be able to make the party date. Knowing how many people you will have will also help for you to decide on the venue.entertainment for your event

The venue

Of course, WHERE you will have said party can also make a huge difference. If it is a house party – you will have another list of things to consider. If it is an outside party – again, another list of things to think about. If you are having it at an event center – most times they have a list of things they provide and do which can help with your preparation, so – the venue is a big piece of the pie.

Signs and decorations

You’ll want to put some thought into the decorations and signage that you’ll use.  Do you want to go old-school with streamers and party poppers?  Perhaps you want to consider a themed party instead?  Whatever you and the guest of honor decide, keep it simple.  You don’t want to blow all of your budget on decorations that don’t really look all that more impressive than your budget-friendly options.  The whole point is to make the place festive be sure you have all of the essential parts for your partyand party-like.

The cake & foodies

Cake is always a good idea, regardless of what party you’re looking to throw.  And depending upon the type of party, just the cake may be enough, but if you are having it at peak meal times, you may want to consider that meal. And how long the party is will also determine how much food you may need.But as far as the cake – the guest of honor is of most importance, but consider something that is going to be versatile enough to suit everyone’s tastes.  And of most importance, be sure to have enough cake for everyone.  Try not to get too stressed about the perfect theme or design, because a cake is a cake at the end of the day.

An Entertainer (aka “DJ”)Hire a professional DJ for your adult or child's party

One of the most important features of a party is going to be the atmosphere.  This is best created by a professional and experienced DJ who is going to be able to offer up his or her skills to be able to create the entertainment – which can lead the party.  Whether it’s a farewell party, a sweet 16 party, a cocktail party or anything in between, a DJ can help make it a success.

Don’t take it too seriously

From decorations and the cake to the venue and the guest list and beyond, remember the goal of the party itself.  If you are stressing yourself out over every single little detail, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the party at all.   Focus on the what is most important about the party — the reason for celebration — and use that to guide you to a successful event.

While the TV shows and Instagram accounts may want you to think otherwise, there is nothing wrong with focusing on middle of the road decorations, simple cakes, and experienced DJ.  These are all details that will help make your next party a total success and they are also going to keep it as stress-free as possible for the planner.

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