How a DJ / Entertainer Can Make or Break Your Party or Event


When the big day of your event comes — whatever it happens to be — the DJ, or entertainer, who you bring into the scene is going to be a huge part of its success. In other words, your event DJ can make or break your event. Whew, that is a lot of weight on your shoulders, right? So, let me help here. There are a few things that you’ll want to get sorted out before the big day arrives specifically to make sure that you’ve got the right professional for the job waiting to be booth and props are a hit

Can they handle the soundboard?

Running a sound level board is one thing, but making sure that transitions are smooth between songs, atmospheres, volume and vibes is another.  If your entertainer isn’t quite the right one, there may be awkward gaps or transitions, or even the dreaded silence as one song shifts into another a bit too slowly.  This can sometimes derail the event in a noticeable way. You know, like that moment when everyone is on the dance floor getting down and the song is over and isn’t quickly replaced, or rather, they read the room wrong and took it down a notch, a little too soon!

Do they have the right experience for your event?

Another similar detail is the fact that DJs don’t always specialize in EVERY event.  This doesn’t mean that they don’t have experience in their job of the DJ, but doesn’t mean all DJs can’t handle all events either.  To clarify: they may say that they’ve worked a sweet 16 party before, but it may have been 10 years ago and it may have been a total flop due to being at the very beginning of their career.  Trends change, teens are fickle so you want to be sure your teen is having the party of their life, in this decade, not from tunes from last decade.

true entertainers know how to get folks on the floor dancing

Always be specific in what you’re looking for and in asking them about their experience, because hiring the wrong DJ for an event could be serious. Experience is great, but having the right experience is even more important. And, reading a room, knowing how to get some kids or teens to do certain things or games can be difficult, but an experienced entertainer will know just want to do to get the party started… and keep it going!

Are they looking for the same effect as you?

It’s possible that a DJ may have one idea in mind for the effect, flow and goal of the party, where you have another.  To prevent a disaster, make sure you clearly communicate to them what you want out of the event.  Even though they are sure to put their own creative spin on it — which is not a bad thing. For example, if you want background music during certain parts, or the whole thing, be sure they know you’re looking for a soundscape, “in the background” vibe and not a “get everyone on the dance floor” feel instead. You don’t want everyone on the dance floor when you are trying to tell the guests something specific or highlight the important guest of honor!

Are they ready to be a true MC?

DJs are entertainers and those in true form often bring the party with them in the form of lights, lasers, karaoke, photo booth, TV screens for photo montages and other fun details that create a real party event atmosphere.  However, they should also be prepared to move the event along.  Make announcements as needed or ask the group how they’re doing with the music selections, etc.

It seems like there are a lot of details to think about, but the thing to remember is that you don’t need to actively seek these out in each person.  Most professional entertainers will know all of this and adapt to your needs as you communicate them to make the event a success on your own terms.  Yet another reason to always go with an experienced and educated DJ entertainer that is ready to bring their expertise to your event. Contact Jonathan Productions if you are looking for this type of full service entertainment.

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