Entertainment Add-Ons Your DJ May Offer


Your event is a lifetime memory and you want it to be special.  So, make sure you have everything you want for your guest of honor as well as other guests.  Not entirely sure what you need or what services your DJ offers?  Here are some of the most popular add-ons that you can expect from your professional DJ. And if yours doesn’t offer it, maybe you should find one that offers everything you want and need.


Who doesn’t love getting up in front of your friends and family, belting out your favorite numbers while everyone laughs and cheers?  From Sweet Sixteen parties and teen or children’s birthday parties to wedding receptions to even farewell parties, this is a popular add-on that can provide a whole lot of fun to people of all levels of musical talent and ability.

lighting optional services for your teen or child's party

Additional fancy lighting

One of the most important features of any event is the lighting that you have in place.  While you can provide all sorts of options, there tend to be two that will make the most impact.  The first is laser lighting with a hazer, the same thing that television shows and special events use to enhance the laser lights.  No matter what song you pair it with, it’s a sure way to get people out dancing and enjoying themselves.  The other popular effect is using a blacklight.  Particularly fun with events where people are wearing white, or where teens and kids are involved, blacklight is an underused way to add flair to a party or event.


More modern and random, a photobooth can be a wonderful option to consider to commemorate the experience with funny hats.  From hold up signs to actual costumes, a photo booth is a great way to get people relaxed and laughing and also make for some great family photos that will be sure to resurface later.hire a professional DJ for your child's party

Live photo shows

Even more modern is the idea of a live photo show.  Similar to a montage, this works by the DJ taking random, in-the-moment shots throughout the party and posting them to a slideshow displayed on a screen.  This is added-to as the party proceeds and it can be a great option to consider for additional photos of the party itself! Another option is to feed the DJ company pictures that you want shown on our flat screen TV’s.

How do I get all this?

If you’re convinced that you need all of this event magic for your next event in the works, you’ll want to add those special effect requests to your questions when interviewing DJs.  While most DJs do offer a selection of extra features, not all offer everything you may need for your party.

As you may already know, the interviewing process is where you will ask specific questions to your potential DJ to make sure that they are educated, trained, experienced and ready to make your next party a hit.  But, besides making sure that your DJ is qualified, has the right experience in the kind of party you want, you’ll also want to ask questions specifically about the special features that they offer.

Your next party or event is going to be made so much better by putting into place the right kind of special features.  For some its karaoke, for others, it’s lighting or photos.  Whatever it may be, your DJ is here to serve! Contact Jonathan Productions for your next party – mitzvah, birthday, wedding, summer camp, business retreat or more – we’ve got you covered. If you don’t see what you want mentioned here, just reach out, as it may be a service we offer but didn’t mention here or on our popular options page.

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