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Entertainment Add-Ons Your DJ May Offer

By Jonathan Productions | June 15, 2020 | 0 Comments
Your event is a lifetime memory and you want it to be special.  So, make sure you have everything you want for your guest of honor as well as other guests.  Not entirely sure what you need or what services your DJ offers?  Here are some of the most popular add-ons that you can expect from your professional DJ. And if yours doesn’t offer it, maybe you should find one that offers everything you want and need.


Who doesn’t love getting up in front of your friends and family, belting out your favorite numbers while everyone laughs and cheers?  From Sweet Sixteen parties and teen or children’s birthday parties to wedding receptions to even farewell parties, this is a popular add-on that can provide a whole lot of fun to people of all levels of musical talent and ability. lighting optional services for your teen or child's party

Additional fancy lighting

One of the most important features of any event is the lighting that you have in place.  While you can provide all sorts of options, there tend to be two that will make the most impact.  The first is laser lighting with a hazer, the same thing that television shows and special events use to enhance the laser lights.  No matter what song you pair it with, it’s a sure way to get people out dancing and enjoying themselves.  The other popular effect is using a blacklight.  Particularly fun with events where people are wearing white, or where teens and kids are involved, blacklight is an underused way to add flair to a party or event.


More modern and random, a photobooth can be a wonderful option to consider to commemorate the experience with funny hats.  From hold up signs to actual costumes, a photo booth is a great way to get people relaxed and laughing and also make for some great family photos that will be sure to resurface later.hire a professional DJ for your child's party

Live photo shows

Even more modern is the idea of a live photo show.  Similar to a montage, this works by the DJ taking random, in-the-moment shots throughout the party and posting them to a slideshow displayed on a screen.  This is added-to as the party proceeds and it can be a great option to consider for additional photos of the party itself! Another option is to feed the DJ company pictures that you want shown on our flat screen TV’s.

How do I get all this?

If you’re convinced that you need all of this event magic for your next event in the works, you’ll want to add those special effect requests to your questions when interviewing DJs.  While most DJs do offer a selection of extra features, not all offer everything you may need for your party. As you may already know, the interviewing process is where you will ask specific questions to your potential DJ to make sure that they are educated, trained, experienced and ready to make your next party a hit.  But, besides making sure that your DJ is qualified, has the right experience in the kind of party you want, you’ll also want to ask questions specifically about the special features that they offer. Your next party or event is going to be made so much better by putting into place the right kind of special features.  For some its karaoke, for others, it’s lighting or photos.  Whatever it may be, your DJ is here to serve! Contact Jonathan Productions for your next party – mitzvah, birthday, wedding, summer camp, business retreat or more – we’ve got you covered. If you don’t see what you want mentioned here, just reach out, as it may be a service we offer but didn’t mention here or on our popular options page. Read More
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Questions to Ask Your DJ Before You Hire Them

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The DJ is your guide to the night’s event.  Not only will the right DJ offer you quality jams for the dance floor, but they could potentially offer you the perfect lighting, photo booths, confetti and even fun features such as a red carpet experience or blinking trinkets for your guests. Note that your entertainment will vary on DJ so be sure you ask the right questions.  Far beyond a good playlist, the DJ is the professional that you put in charge of creating the right vibe for your wedding reception, cocktail party, kids birthday party or whatever else you’re hosting.  No pressure.  The emphasis here, of course, is on making sure that you are hiring the “right” DJ.  To help you do just that, here are some of the questions you should be sure to ask.

What kinds of events do you specialize in?teens enjoying light show and dancing

Some DJs, such as Jonathan Productions, offer a little bit of everything: sweet 16 parties, mitzvahs, children’s parties (our specialty), corporate events, picnics and the list goes on. Other DJs specialize only in wedding receptions or swanky corporate events.  Knowing the specialty of your potential DJ will help make sure you get the right professional for your needs, in particular.

How long have you been a DJ?

A professional DJ will be able to rattle off their credentials including education, experience, and other jacket details.  If the person you’re considering doesn’t advertise any kind of formal education or doesn’t have much experience, you might want to dig a little deeper to make sure this is someone you want to take a chance on. Sure education “book smarts” doesn’t make or break your party entertainment, but you’ll definitely want to be sure your DJ has been doing your type of party for some time and maybe check out a few of their pictures, photo galleries or referrals.

Do you have insurance?

Hopefully, you already guessed this, but the professional DJs will have insurance and can provide you with all of the information on their policy (or at least direct you where to find it). If not, you’ll want to make sure that you add protection to your party, accidents happen and you don’t want to be the one liable for that.

What if…?what is the bride wants to play DJ

There are a few questions that can come into play, here.  Some examples include:

  • “What if you can’t make the wedding due to some sort of emergency?  What will happen?”
  • “What if my son/great-aunt/random person asks you to play a song?  Will you play it?”
  • “What if someone says the music is too loud?  What will you do?”

And so on.  Whatever question you want to ask, no matter how simple it may seem to you, your DJ should have a ready, polished and respectful answer.  You’ll also want to trust your gut in this situation, too.  This can be sometimes how you refine your list down from 3 options to 1!

Do you have all of the gear that you need for my party needs?

If the answer is ever anything other than a solid, definite “Yes”, run!  A professional DJ knows what they need and should have invested in the equipment, subscriptions and everything else before putting themselves out for hire. And they must have “back-up” system ready to go in case of an emergency.

When it comes to making your event or party a total success, hiring the right DJ is going to be an important detail to keep in mind.  These are just some of the most important questions that you should ask before you make a firm decision on who to hire. However, we are hoping that Jonathan Productions is the right fit for your party going entertainment needs. Contact us and let’s get started planning your special occasion.

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enjoying time with loved ones during COVID

Take Time for You and Enjoy It While You Can

By Jonathan Productions | April 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

It seems like the entire world is talking about COVID-19 right now. And why not, right? Most of us are in some sort of quarantine or “stay at home” order and that isn’t just city or state wide, but all over the globe.  We are on “stay at home” orders to slow the spread of this CoronaVirus, across the world. But what everyone seems to be missing is the fact that we are all now “stuck” at home with nothing to do! Or are you? The reality is that there are all sorts of amazing things that you can do right from the comfort of your home and yes, they will be even more fun than scrolling through Instagram.

Fun things to take advantage of doing while stuck at home

Enjoy time with loved onesenjoying time with loved ones during COVID

There’s never been a better time to get to know the people closest to you on a daily level. Since most of us spend our regular lives running around from thing to thing, it isn’t often that we get time to simply spend time with those closest to us. Get to know them again as far as their interests, their friends, even their changes in personalities as they age.

You can also use technology to enjoy time with loved ones that are far away too. Whether it’s FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or just good, “old fashioned” emailing or talking on the phone, enjoy some much-needed communication with those you care about and re-connect.

Find a new hobby

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit or sew? Now’s the time! Do you love languages and wish you had time to learn one? You’ve never been more available. Do you want to get back into old hobbies such as building plastic models or painting or drawing? Go for it! It’ll feel good to stretch those creative muscles. Does your garden need some of it’s own tender loving care? Now might be the time.take up a new hobby during a pandemic

For more fun, do it with your housemates. It’ll give you something constructive to do and you’ll be able to explore this exciting time working on something together.

Organize everything

Yes, everything. Go through your closet and weed out the clothing you no longer wear. Same with the clothing drawers in your dresser. Then tackle the boxes in the attic. Need more to do? Organize your kitchen and enjoy some baking with the things you found stuffed in the back of your pantry. Then you can even organize the shed or the garage or storage container. Whatever you can do, do it. And save that to donate once the stay at home orders are lifted.

If you’re stuck, then taking on that filing cabinet and throw out anything that’s over 10 years old. Find something sentimental? Scan it and/or photograph it and then organize those into your computer for safekeeping, then destroy the original. Then, while you’re at it, organize your computer! The list goes on…

Enjoy some personal growth

personal growth for your mental well beingFrom cooking healthy meals to exercising daily, enjoy some personal growth, take up yoga and take charge of your life from a natural, healthy point of view. It’s going to feel so good that you’ll even continue it after the stay at home order lifts.

Now is the time to experience more. It’s strange to think that something like an imposed quarantine could lead to that, but the proof is going to be putting all of this to action.

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a true entertainer can engage the whole party

The Value of Your DJ – What You Are Getting

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a true entertainer can engage the whole partyDJs are a dedicated group of people… and good ones aren’t only DJs but actual entertainers!  This is something that you know if you’ve ever thrown a party and then had someone come up to you and say “That was AWESOME”.  A good DJ is intended to blend into the background and be invisible to everyone while simultaneously ensuring everyone is having a good time.  When no one notices the DJ, it means it’s going according to schedule.

But it also means that people don’t always appreciate the actual cost of a DJ.  The shocked host or party planner may say things like: “You just play music, why can’t you do it for $100 a night?” or “Do you think you can do it cheaper?”.  But, have you ever thought about what the actual costs are for a DJ?

Your DJ’s costs – Shows Their Value

An average DJ set up costs about $5,000.  A backup system can cost around $2,000.  Each speaker you see in a set up costs around $800 for one with decent quality.  Then, a good light show costs $3,000, at minimum.  Insurance for equipment and liability costs approximately $1,200 a year these days.  Then there’s the vehicle required to load, lug and deliver all of that equipment.

In order to plan for the party, we need to have access to one or more subscriptions of music to keep ourselves updated on trends.  This can cost around $500 a year.  Within the short span of a couple of years, we will often have to replace and update our equipment just to keep up to date with what people want and need in a professional experience.

All of these costs, plus the hours of time and labor it takes to design sort a playlist, load the equipment, unload and set up the equipment, run the party, and then re-load it all again, are out of pocket.  These, much like the DJ him/herself are all invisible to the party attendees and even a lot of the party planners out there.

What are you getting = Your Value

When you see the amount that your DJ charges, it would take you aback, especially since those prices up above are invisible.  But, just think about what you’re getting, instead, and you’ll see that a price is just a number.


You are getting a professionally trained, experienced, dedicated DJ that is going to help you out with everything from lights to sound to the atmosphere to photo booths to laser shows.  These are all tools in his tool belt.  You are getting ALL of the necessary equipment, the vehicle and labor to move it, the know-how in setting it up, checking it, troubleshooting anything and everything (because there’s always something), running it, tearing it down and re-loading it.  It’s all covered by one single person that is asking for one check. Let’s not forget the most important thing – that you and your guests are having a blast and it’s all done seamlessly without any extra labor or worry on your part!

You also often have the option of paying by event instead of paying by hour.  A lot of DJs will be able to quote you both ways and you can use that to help you save some cash while also making sure that you are getting the quality that your event deserves.  Sure, you may find cheaper price tags out there when it comes to the rates and fees, but cheaper is not always better.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  This is your child’s only 7th birthday party, your daughter’s sweet 16, your wedding, etc.. you want to be sure it goes on without a hitch, so be sure you hire the right DJ!

Can you take a DIY approach with an aux cord and a music lover with an iPod?  Absolutely, but it won’t give you the professionalism that you deserve.  And, who wants to bother with all that when you are passing the food, getting on the dance floor and ‘getting down’ or chatting with your guests.. your job should be to have fun and not worry about what song is next, if you should put the first dance next or the cake cutting, what games to play with the kids, and how to get all these folks on the dance floor.  When it comes to the event and making sure it goes as planned with the least amount of hassle, DJs are your (hidden) knights in shining armor.

So, get off the dance floor, ONLY to contact Jonathan Productions DJs and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

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How a DJ / Entertainer Can Make or Break Your Party or Event

By Jonathan Productions | February 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

When the big day of your event comes — whatever it happens to be — the DJ, or entertainer, who you bring into the scene is going to be a huge part of its success. In other words, your event DJ can make or break your event. Whew, that is a lot of weight on your shoulders, right? So, let me help here. There are a few things that you’ll want to get sorted out before the big day arrives specifically to make sure that you’ve got the right professional for the job waiting to be booth and props are a hit

Can they handle the soundboard?

Running a sound level board is one thing, but making sure that transitions are smooth between songs, atmospheres, volume and vibes is another.  If your entertainer isn’t quite the right one, there may be awkward gaps or transitions, or even the dreaded silence as one song shifts into another a bit too slowly.  This can sometimes derail the event in a noticeable way. You know, like that moment when everyone is on the dance floor getting down and the song is over and isn’t quickly replaced, or rather, they read the room wrong and took it down a notch, a little too soon!

Do they have the right experience for your event?

Another similar detail is the fact that DJs don’t always specialize in EVERY event.  This doesn’t mean that they don’t have experience in their job of the DJ, but doesn’t mean all DJs can’t handle all events either.  To clarify: they may say that they’ve worked a sweet 16 party before, but it may have been 10 years ago and it may have been a total flop due to being at the very beginning of their career.  Trends change, teens are fickle so you want to be sure your teen is having the party of their life, in this decade, not from tunes from last decade.

true entertainers know how to get folks on the floor dancing

Always be specific in what you’re looking for and in asking them about their experience, because hiring the wrong DJ for an event could be serious. Experience is great, but having the right experience is even more important. And, reading a room, knowing how to get some kids or teens to do certain things or games can be difficult, but an experienced entertainer will know just want to do to get the party started… and keep it going!

Are they looking for the same effect as you?

It’s possible that a DJ may have one idea in mind for the effect, flow and goal of the party, where you have another.  To prevent a disaster, make sure you clearly communicate to them what you want out of the event.  Even though they are sure to put their own creative spin on it — which is not a bad thing. For example, if you want background music during certain parts, or the whole thing, be sure they know you’re looking for a soundscape, “in the background” vibe and not a “get everyone on the dance floor” feel instead. You don’t want everyone on the dance floor when you are trying to tell the guests something specific or highlight the important guest of honor!

Are they ready to be a true MC?

DJs are entertainers and those in true form often bring the party with them in the form of lights, lasers, karaoke, photo booth, TV screens for photo montages and other fun details that create a real party event atmosphere.  However, they should also be prepared to move the event along.  Make announcements as needed or ask the group how they’re doing with the music selections, etc.

It seems like there are a lot of details to think about, but the thing to remember is that you don’t need to actively seek these out in each person.  Most professional entertainers will know all of this and adapt to your needs as you communicate them to make the event a success on your own terms.  Yet another reason to always go with an experienced and educated DJ entertainer that is ready to bring their expertise to your event. Contact Jonathan Productions if you are looking for this type of full service entertainment.

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The Master of Lists for Your Party Planning

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plan ahead with lists to be sure your party goes as plannedYou’ve got a special occasion that you want to celebrate and now you need to plan the party of all parties to make it a reality.  That’s great!  But, how do you go about doing that?  The answer is going to be stunningly simple: make a list, or several.  When you have a list — the right list, that is — you’ll be able to take on the large and complex challenge of party planning the right way.  When you need help in creating that, here are some details that you are going to want to make a priority.

Master List of your Party Planning

The list of invitees and RSVPs

Take the proper time to plan out the list of invitees.  It’s best to start with the VIPs from the perspective of the guest of honor, of course, and work your way back.  You’ll also want to focus on keeping track of the RSVPs too to make sure that you have as accurate an idea of who’s coming and who’s not. Consider how you can track that information like another list, an evite system or tool that tracks that for you, or RSVP cards, etc.

To theme or not to theme?be sure you have a theme for your party

Have you decided to go with a certain theme?  If so, that will need to have a separate list (a hierarchy of lists, if you will) complete with all of the theme details that you are going to want to factor in.  Make sure that you loop in your DJ into the theme so that the music can be matched to the vibe that you’re going for. Party stores or Pinterest is usually a great place to research out themes for your child’s birthday party, sweet 16, wedding and the like.

Party supplies from tiny to large

Next on your master list should be the supplies.  Make sure you have everything on there from party favors to forks to tablecloths.  Take the time to do this step carefully so that nothing gets left in the dust!  When in doubt, ask for support from those that you trust to help you plan the party.  Two heads often work better than one.  Once this part of your list is done, figure out what is being purchased or rented to make it work as seamlessly as possible. Keep in mind that where you have your party can make a difference. Some event venues include some decor, the table cloths, etc into their cost. Some venues may allow for more decoration (like a house party) and etc. The point, some places you will have more or less flexibility.

Schedule for days leading up to the party

The days before the party are going to be frantic if you don’t have a schedule or list on what needs to be done.  So, schedule them based on the chain of events.  making sure everything goes as planned for your weddingThis should include delivery, set-up, last-minute meetings with caterers and the ever so necessary entertainer and/or DJ, etc.  Plan out every minute if you have to! Enlist your friends and family to take part and assign then tasks to do to lighten your load. Use your phone to set reminders or actually schedule the things you need to do. This way you are less likely to forget something super important – like picking up the cake for the wedding, or the like.

Day-of the party checklist

The same goes for making sure that everything is going to plan according to the day of the event.  Do guests need transport?  Is someone at the party venue to let in your DJ, caterers and other entertainment?  Is the guest of honor on their way?  Are you prepared for unexpected guests?    All of these details will help make the day run smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

Post party & clean up list

After the big party, comes the clean-up. It’s never fun, but needs to be done regardless of whether you rented a hall and walked away from the mess or have a house to clean up, there are things to be done after the party. Do you have a plan for who’s helping you clean up?  Is your rented equipment set to go back?  Did everyone get their checks?  Are you having a present opening party?  When are you sending out the thank you notes?  You get the idea.

Planning a party can feel like a lot of work, but when you have the right list(s) to help you make the most out of it, you won’t even notice the stress.  Preparing really can make all of the difference!

a true entertainer can engage the whole party

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Party Planning Basics for your Next Party

By Jonathan Productions | December 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

There is so much fun to be had with planning a party.  After all, parties are always celebrations in some form and are great ways to make memories with loved ones and friends.  However, there is also quite a lot of preparation that has to go into the actual party planning process, which is where a lot of the stress comes into effect.  Here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind when getting your next party ready to go.

An approved guest list

The first thing to focus on is making sure that you have the right guest list together.  This guest list should be created and approved by the guest of honor (ie: the person you’re throwing the party for).   You should also take the time to make sure that the most important people on the party list (the VIP, if you will) are going to be able to make the party date. Knowing how many people you will have will also help for you to decide on the venue.entertainment for your event

The venue

Of course, WHERE you will have said party can also make a huge difference. If it is a house party – you will have another list of things to consider. If it is an outside party – again, another list of things to think about. If you are having it at an event center – most times they have a list of things they provide and do which can help with your preparation, so – the venue is a big piece of the pie.

Signs and decorations

You’ll want to put some thought into the decorations and signage that you’ll use.  Do you want to go old-school with streamers and party poppers?  Perhaps you want to consider a themed party instead?  Whatever you and the guest of honor decide, keep it simple.  You don’t want to blow all of your budget on decorations that don’t really look all that more impressive than your budget-friendly options.  The whole point is to make the place festive be sure you have all of the essential parts for your partyand party-like.

The cake & foodies

Cake is always a good idea, regardless of what party you’re looking to throw.  And depending upon the type of party, just the cake may be enough, but if you are having it at peak meal times, you may want to consider that meal. And how long the party is will also determine how much food you may need.But as far as the cake – the guest of honor is of most importance, but consider something that is going to be versatile enough to suit everyone’s tastes.  And of most importance, be sure to have enough cake for everyone.  Try not to get too stressed about the perfect theme or design, because a cake is a cake at the end of the day.

An Entertainer (aka “DJ”)Hire a professional DJ for your adult or child's party

One of the most important features of a party is going to be the atmosphere.  This is best created by a professional and experienced DJ who is going to be able to offer up his or her skills to be able to create the entertainment – which can lead the party.  Whether it’s a farewell party, a sweet 16 party, a cocktail party or anything in between, a DJ can help make it a success.

Don’t take it too seriously

From decorations and the cake to the venue and the guest list and beyond, remember the goal of the party itself.  If you are stressing yourself out over every single little detail, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the party at all.   Focus on the what is most important about the party — the reason for celebration — and use that to guide you to a successful event.

While the TV shows and Instagram accounts may want you to think otherwise, there is nothing wrong with focusing on middle of the road decorations, simple cakes, and experienced DJ.  These are all details that will help make your next party a total success and they are also going to keep it as stress-free as possible for the planner.

Contact Jonathan Products for your one stop shop, total entertainment package for any and all of your party planning.

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DJ comes ready to entertain the guests at any party

Be Sure You Hire the Right DJ For Your Party Needs – Part 2

By Jonathan Productions | November 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

DJ comes ready to entertain the guests at any partyRegardless of the party that you’re throwing, the entertainment is going to be a core detail to get right.  It really doesn’t matter if it’s a child’s birthday party or a corporate formal event.  The right DJ makes the evening run smoothly, and the wrong DJ can create a disaster no matter how good the energy is.  If you’re looking to make sure that you hire the right DJ for your party needs, here are a few more details that you can look at.

Make sure you understand the features a DJ can offer

Just any other professional, a DJ will offer different services that are unique from others.  Before you hire one, it’s important to make sure that you understand what they can offer as special party features or options.

Along the same line, you’ll also want to keep an eye on what they are bringing with them?  Most DJs are one-stop shows, but it is just as important that your DJ’s have back-up equipment with them, like Jonathan Productions, we always carry more than one system when we are DJ’ing any party and we don’t need anything from you for setting up our equipment.

lighting effects for your party entertainment

Make sure the guest of honor likes the DJ

This seems a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it happens.  The party planner often chooses the DJ based on their own preferences, but it is important to make sure that the guest of honor — in the case of a birthday, Quinceneras or graduation party — likes the actual DJ as well as his or her sound and feel.

In order to make sure that this stays a focal point, it’s a great idea to put the guest of honor in charge of picking the shortlist for the DJ.  Or, better yet, do it as a combination job between the honored guest and the party planner!

Help your DJ get to know the feeling you’re looking for

DJs are professionals and entertainers and will do what you need them to do when it comes to your party needs.  However, that’s only good if they know what, exactly, you’re looking for.  Even with clear details of the party and the events to come, it’s a great idea to communicate what you want from them as a professional.  This will help them to plan carefully for the party and give the right mood to the party itself, too.

The rule with entertainment is that, when done right, the attendees should forget that there is even a DJ there.  If you notice the DJ and the entertainment, perhaps it isn’t the best match

When in doubt, go pro

It can take some time and effort in order to find the right DJ.  After all, there’s always someone who has a son or daughter or cousin that “knows how to DJ” and “would love to try it out” at your party. However, the entertainment is critical to get right.  It’s always best to hire a professional who has lots of experience and offers a wide variety of services that go far beyond the music itself.

Your next party can be your best one yet.  You simply have to put some time and effort into hiring the right DJ to make it the best it can be.

Contact Jonathan Productions at (877) 811-8880 for your party’s entertainment needs.


DJ Jonathan at a children's party

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Interview your entertainer to be sure they fit your needs

Be Sure You Hire the Right DJ For Your Party Needs

By Jonathan Productions | October 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

Interview your entertainer to be sure they fit your needsThe life of the party is not the best dancer on the dance floor, it’s the person who is controlling the music.  Or maybe that they aren’t the life of the party, but who DICTATES the life of the party.   Your DJ will determine the mood of the party, the quality of dancing (sorta), and the overall experience.  As such, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right DJ, or entertainer, for the party that you’re throwing.  But…how do you do that?

Do your DJ research

When you are looking around online, you’ll find that quite a few DJs like to specify what kind of events that they will work.  For example, some prefer the more controlled office and cocktail parties or perhaps farewell and company parties.  Other DJs prefer to do weddings or maybe the fun ones such as school dances and sweet 16s.  Still others like to do it all.

Interview your entertainers

Even if they are a jack of all trades DJ, or if they specify in the event type that you are hosting, it’s still important to interview them.  One of the best things that you can do during this interview is to describe how you want your party “catered” to from start to finish.

You should pay attention to the details that they focus on and try to get a sense for how it compares to your own expectations or hopes.  This will help you to determine whether or not they’re the right fit for you. If you are not happy with your DJ, odds are you will not be happy with their services.

Understand what’s included and what’s notPhoto booth extras for your party entertainment

Most DJs will offer partial service.  Other entertainers — such as Jonathan Productions — offer the full scene when it comes to an event: laser shows, red carpet scenes, photo booths, lighting, confetti blasters, tee shirt launchers, videographers, nightclub lighting, food stations, etc.  Understand what you’re getting and that it fits what you want and need for your party.

Ask for examples of work

Whether its testimonials or sample playlists that they have available for you to listen to, don’t be afraid to ask the DJ you’re considering for past experience samples or galleries that show off their entertaining!  Any professional DJ will jump at the chance to show you what they’ve done.  Anyone who starts to get nervous about the topic should set off alarm bells!

Get a feel for them as an entertainer

When you are meeting with them or talking with them, make sure that you get an idea for how they feel and how they would blend with your party or event.  Are they relaxed in talking about what they do?  Are they asking you questions about your event and what kind of music you’d like?  This all helps you to see how they’ll adapt day-of.

Picking the right DJ will help you turn your event into a success, but you’ll want to make sure that you are choosing the right one for you as well as your event.  Try to do your research, ask for recommendations, and focus on your gut instinct.  This all will help you to determine just who is the right match for your needs as well as those of your event. We are sure that you will find Jonathan Productions to be the entertainer and DJ of choice. Contact us at (877) 811-8880.

DJ Jonathan at a children's party

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hire a professional DJ for your child's party

Why & How to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Party

By Jonathan Productions | September 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

hire a professional DJ for your child's partyWhy hire a professional DJ

Many people that do not know us usually ask as their first question: “What do you charge?”
And if you are like most people, as we all know, cheaper is not always better.

How ironic that people will spend upwards of $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 and much much more for a party,
then look for an entertainer and only want to pay $100.00

The key to your party is not only the music, but the entertainment and making sure everyone is having a great time.

If I told you I could get you a haircut for $1.00 would you be apprehensive……of course you would
If I told you I could get you a DJ for $5.00 would you be apprehensive…….of course you would.

the benefits of a professional DJ is entertainment

There are all sorts of reasons of why you would hire a professional DJ for your party, but here are some of the top reasons to consider.

Professional experience

When you go with a professional, you’re going with a professional across the board.  This includes everything from educational background, being good on a microphone, to the experience in throwing all sorts of successful parties.  A professional DJ will be able to gauge the mood of the room and play the right kind of music to keep everything moving along smoothly, coordinate with the venue for smooth transitions, watch to see that the music isn’t blaringly loud. And, with Jonathan Productions, we don’t just play music and engage with you and your guests, but we create a total show stopping experience with fun for all guests – young as well as mature.

Access to all sorts of show-stopping equipment

A DJ with professional experience comes with his or her own kit of top of the line equipment, plus a back up system for good measure.  Attention to small details that you never would have thought about (or noticed!).  You know a show is good when you’re simply awestruck by the final effect.  We don’t just play music anymore – there is up-lighting, red carpet scenes, laser light shows, confetti blasters, live performers, percussionists, night club effects, photo booths and much more are also there for your convenience. Whatever you need for your party to tickle your fancy and just have a blast, that’s what you’ll get with a professional.

Peace of mind throughout the entire eventGetting the guests engaged and involved at a party

Perhaps most importantly, hiring a professional DJ means you are not going to have to worry about the mood, the flow, what to do next, getting folks on the dance floor or if everyone is having a good time.  An entertainer like Jonathan Productions will take care of the atmosphere, leaving you more time and emotional freedom to, well, enjoy it, as that is the ultimate goal.  You already have a million things to worry about, you’ll find this a huge helping hand as well. You tell us what you want, we will provide it, simple as that.

How to hire a professional DJ

Now that you’re ready to put a true professional to work for you, you will want to make sure that you are hiring a true professional.  When you are on the hunt, make sure you check into details such as the DJ’s background.  This includes music education, past experience in types of parties similar to the one that you are throwing, and reviews from past customers.  This will show you that you are, in fact, hiring a professional DJ and successful entertainer for your event, be it a wedding, mitzvah, sweet sixteen, a children’s party or even something like a birthday party, block party, pool party or whatever.

While a DJ may not make or break your party, having a good one surely can take off the stress of doing some of the work off your shoulders.  Since you always want your party to be a success — by whatever definition you choose to be the most relevant — the music and the professional in charge of it, are always going to be the determining factors to getting it right.  So choose right from the very beginning by going with a professional, a true entertainer like Jonathan Productions. Contact us today and let’s talk party!

Hire a professional DJ for your adult or child's party

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