Be Sure You Hire the Right DJ For Your Party Needs – Part 2


DJ comes ready to entertain the guests at any partyRegardless of the party that you’re throwing, the entertainment is going to be a core detail to get right.  It really doesn’t matter if it’s a child’s birthday party or a corporate formal event.  The right DJ makes the evening run smoothly, and the wrong DJ can create a disaster no matter how good the energy is.  If you’re looking to make sure that you hire the right DJ for your party needs, here are a few more details that you can look at.

Make sure you understand the features a DJ can offer

Just any other professional, a DJ will offer different services that are unique from others.  Before you hire one, it’s important to make sure that you understand what they can offer as special party features or options.

Along the same line, you’ll also want to keep an eye on what they are bringing with them?  Most DJs are one-stop shows, but it is just as important that your DJ’s have back-up equipment with them, like Jonathan Productions, we always carry more than one system when we are DJ’ing any party and we don’t need anything from you for setting up our equipment.

lighting effects for your party entertainment

Make sure the guest of honor likes the DJ

This seems a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it happens.  The party planner often chooses the DJ based on their own preferences, but it is important to make sure that the guest of honor — in the case of a birthday, Quinceneras or graduation party — likes the actual DJ as well as his or her sound and feel.

In order to make sure that this stays a focal point, it’s a great idea to put the guest of honor in charge of picking the shortlist for the DJ.  Or, better yet, do it as a combination job between the honored guest and the party planner!

Help your DJ get to know the feeling you’re looking for

DJs are professionals and entertainers and will do what you need them to do when it comes to your party needs.  However, that’s only good if they know what, exactly, you’re looking for.  Even with clear details of the party and the events to come, it’s a great idea to communicate what you want from them as a professional.  This will help them to plan carefully for the party and give the right mood to the party itself, too.

The rule with entertainment is that, when done right, the attendees should forget that there is even a DJ there.  If you notice the DJ and the entertainment, perhaps it isn’t the best match

When in doubt, go pro

It can take some time and effort in order to find the right DJ.  After all, there’s always someone who has a son or daughter or cousin that “knows how to DJ” and “would love to try it out” at your party. However, the entertainment is critical to get right.  It’s always best to hire a professional who has lots of experience and offers a wide variety of services that go far beyond the music itself.

Your next party can be your best one yet.  You simply have to put some time and effort into hiring the right DJ to make it the best it can be.

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